Sure you'll be comfortable searching for your new addition with us. Look around our
website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. I try
to talk to everyone looking and find out more about your lifestyle and family situtaion
to help chooose the right puppy for your new family.I dont want to "sell a  puppy" I
want to raise a  wonderful puppy to go to a  loving forever home to be a  loved part of
a  family.....WE DO NOT RAISE KENNEL DOGS!!!  My dogs dont know what a  
kennel or being left outside is.They spend their lives with us being loved and cared for
the best way possible as they deserve!! They go to my  Grooming shop with me
everyday,they love the car and they are groomed weekly.My life revolves around my
girls they are not just breeding dogs THEY ARE MY BABIES and treated like
royalty just as they should be!!
You are always welcome to go to my facebook and see many many pictures of my
girls daily life.You can see I am not a  breeder that says these are my babies and then
cleans up a mama dog to be seen or a  puppy cleaned and brought in for a picture..My
GIRLS sleep in my bed ride in my truck and go everywhere I go on a daily
the email for my facebook is
About Us
Our desire and love of this breed has been with us for many years and has driven us to
breed these AMAZING dogs.We breed for the joy of bringing a beautiful ,well
mannered ,new addition to your family.It is a great joy to us to see a pups personality
develop and know that certain pup will fit into a certain families lifestyles.Schnauzers
loyalty,and intelligence amazes me everyday.I look forward to bringing the love of a
schnauzer into your family.
I am a single mother of 3 sons 20-18-17  As raising them was a ft job and working
fulltime didnt leave much time for my dreams.Now my sons are growing up and it is
time for my dreams and Breeding these wonderful dogs for other people is now
coming true for me.I have also made my Grooming dream a reality as well.I also run
my own Grooming shop,and it is wonderful,I spend my days now with  dogs all day
and am able to be here for my own dogs as well,its a  win win for everyone.
My dogs are my babies,I raise my dogs in my home I am not a kennell breeder our
pups and parents are all in our home raised with love,socialization,stimulation and are
started on training to raise  a very well established puppy to your family.We raise pups
in our livingroom in baby beds,they begin being introduced to toys at about 3 weeks
old,they start being groomed at 3 weeks old,at 48 hours old pups go back and forth  to
my grooming shop,they experience the sounds and smells of a  shop and home
setting.They are started on pad training  and cratetraining at 3 weeks oldThey are
exposed to so many sounds  socialized very very well in this matter.I have been really
happy with the temperment in our pups ,they are adjusted to so many things that just
dont have fear of different enviroments.
We hope to see you again! Check
back later for new updates to our
website. There's much more to come!